April 08, 2013

Numbers don't lie

I'm not sure if any of you reading this have the same habit of double checking your work, reviewing your life choices and making sure that your beliefs don't devolve into dogma, but I do. So, it was with quite a bit of trepidation that I decided to end my hiatus from blogging and do my best to reignite the fires of story telling with the possibility of getting some annoying and often obnoxious ideas out of my head, where they rattle and bang and confound and often keep me from getting a good night's sleep .

After slapping together my previous post; the first thing I did was to cruise around and take a peek at many of the bloggers who used to visit and sometimes comment. It was a little disconcerting to discover that a great many of them had, just as I had done, allowed their places to become dormant. I felt as if I were walking through houses that had been boarded up and were waiting for the owners to come back to resume their occupancy. The next thing I did was something that I am sure you could identify with.... I started looking through my old posts to see what I had written about in the past and to get an idea of what kind of changes I had gone through. That wasn't as fun as I thought it would be nor was it as painful.

I started blogging in 2006 and at one point in time I had three active blogs with a combined total of 813 posts. Now that may not be a whole lot, but I started to think about how much time, thought and effort I've deposited into this particular endeavor. I have never had, probably because I didn't actively seek it out, a large fan base on this page. My other page, laid to rest a long, long time ago and which you can find among the list of bloggers who follow me, did attract more than a few interesting people. Why was that? When I compared the posts of each blog I realized they had roughly the same amount of entries but were so radically different that I found it difficult to come to terms with the fact that they had been written by the same person. But were they, really?

It's no secret that we all carry a multitude of masks that we wear depending on who we are dealing with, what we are doing, and how we might be feeling about ourselves and life in general; but right now I'm wondering just how many shadows I cast when exposed to the light of human encounters.

And if I started counting them would I even be able to see them all?


Kurt said...

So many of the blogs I used to read are dormant now. Some have been deleted or all their posts have been removed. I guess when people reread what they wrote they decide they don't want it online anymore.

X. Dell said...

Actually, that's a good question. I would guess the answer might lay in how many humans you encounter. Some lights might overlap. But I would be quite surprised if two lights on your life are ever identical.

lime said...

you raise some good questions. i guess i am one of the few who keeps chugging along....mainly because it helps keep me sane. it is weird to think how many have come and gone though. i'm told by the bloggers i've met face to face that i come across in 3D encounters just the way they expected me to so i am glad at least i don't seem to be projecting someone other that who i am at my core.

perhaps your two blogs were expressions of different parts of yourself? accurate but reflecting different facets at different times?

Aunty Belle said...

NYD! So happy to learn youse still rattling' around. Real pleased. Welcome back. Reckon youse right on how many folks ain't still bloggin', I figgerd Facebook dealt ahead blow to blogging' least for a spell.

Aunty is weary of FB style interactions...far too superficial, no real meat, ya know? Sorta faceless...heh.

Anyhoo, welcome back , an' I hope to see ya on the porch when ya can git by.

NYD said...

It was refreshing to find that all of you were active and doing well. I am enjoying my return to the blogging community and hope that those who have invitation only statuses will allow me to once again share their thoughts with me.