January 31, 2006

Where's the beef?

Two years. I'm not kidding. Two years without inexpensive steaks, Yoshinoya (a beef &rice bowl fast food chain) or reasonably priced Korean BBQ. OK I'm exaggerating just a bit. There is plenty of Australian beef around, but without the American competition all you can get is really crappy cuts of meat that don't even spark the interest of the carnivorous feline who resides with me. Japan finally gives the American beef producers a break and finally allows imports and somewhere along the line somebody screws up and now I'm still waiting for a juicy slab of Kansas city corn fed beef.
Now maybe I should go native and get my protein from sushi or other delectable from the sea, but deep down in my heart it's steak that I crave. I don't eat carbs or at least not many. You see, I'm a die hard Atkins man who has rescinded potatoes, bread, rice, and pasta for the sake of my waistline. Living in Japan causes a multitude of strange reactions to this kind of diet and being of Sicilian descent makes giving up my linguine kinda tough.
I actually have lost more than 40 lbs using his diet plan, but I don't intend on posting any before/after pics here. My wife keeps 'em stored in her camera and shows them to her girlfriends when they are drinking, says it's good for a laugh when conversation starts to get dull. Hey, I don't mind Just as long as I can get my hand on a steak that won't cost me ¥2000 or more. You know if I don't eat any meat for a year I might be able to save enough money to buy a plane ticket home and grab a burger at Jackson Hole the best damn shop for hamburgers in New York. Or I can Just grab the bull by the horns and get my own prime beef....the hard way


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