March 30, 2006

Eskimo Winter

Everyone I know is talking about Hanami. Every (Japanese) blog I read is scented with the aroma of cherry blossoms. I can hear the sounds of corks being pulled from sake bottles and the sharp snap of wari-bashi being pulled apart in anticipation of finding the perfect piece of fried chicken. The cries of KAMPAI reach my ears and all I can do is imagine what it would be like.
I'm looking out my window and there is snow everywhere! The burg I live in got hit with yet another snowstorm. I was all set for spring. I took the tarp off my motorcycles, brought my wife's convertible out of hibernation and started looking for my mountain bike gear. I envy those in the 'lower forty', enjoying the change in seasons, rambling through the park, able to remove their jackets and sit outside with a friend and a bento. This year's winter is looking like a bad case of herpes. It just won't go away

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