April 21, 2006

Pop goes the weasel

My cat has a cold. This is not headline news, but I've been enjoying watching her sneeze for the past three days. When a cat sneezes it not the sme as a human sneeze. People just have a "kerchoo" and get on with life after looking for a place to wipe off their hands. A cat, on the other hand sneezes with all of their soul and body and often has multiple explosions. They understand just how silly this looks and how damaging it is to the cool unperturbable image that they have spent their entire lives developing. Cats also seem to be at a complete loss as to the why of a sneeze. Leonine, my beast, often looks truly puzzled after a blast or two. She looks at me with a quizzical expression on her furry face that begs the answer to the question: what has just happened to me? Did I look as stupid as I felt? Now of course I don't speak cat so I don't offer an answer to either of those queries, I just hang on to the video camera hoping she'll do something stupid enough for me to record.

1 comment:

J. Gandolfini said...

Awe, she looks so sweet! Wish I could get a pic of Eevee to send to you for your site so you could show off her america cousin. I do hope she got over her cold and all that physical exitment is controlled now. It figures that you would make fun of the little puddin, remember when Missy did it around the house? you should be grateful she doesn't have the propulsion that Missy had, otherwise your walls would be looking a bit yellow if not green by now. Wink wink! smile!

All in all, we're getting over our colds here and I do hope you guys keep healthy. Good luck with the move. Mom says she loves and misses you both. I'll try to send a pic of eevee so you can post her on here, okay?