August 21, 2006

In lieu of..

I have to admit it, I'm lazy. I'm always telling people that I'll e-mail them or call them, but I often forget to get around to it.
It's not that people are unimportant, in fact my friendships are something that I cherish and truly want to maintain, but, like I said I'm lazy. I have at least a dozen stories that I'm working on and I never seem to post them on the blog.
I probably have a couple of hundred photos that I've said I would post, but I haven't been able to find the motivation to hook my camera up to the laptop and transfer the files to my computer so I'd be able to upload them to my blog and photo album.
I even took a computer with me to Kuzumaki, where I spent my Obon holidays, but for some reason or another it never made it's way out of the case. So eventually I'll get around to posting the pics of everything thats been going on this summer and I just might even send out an e-mail or two.

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