November 14, 2006

Blogs of note

Who chooses the blogs of note? How do they find them? I often use my "next blog" button to see what's out there and have happened on to some pretty interesting people, but I have had to click that damn thing so many times before I found something that I was captivated enough to read. Then there are the folks who disable their nav-bar and force me to go through other routes to escape their clutches. Not all that worried about that, Beta will fuck them just as it did me.
Yesterday I discovered Pud, outrageous and cool

I don't know why he wasn't recognised before.
Trying to think of a question that will challenge his intellect and tickle his funny bone at the same time.
I actually try to leave a comment on someones blog everyday. I got two reasons for this. One: (selfish) I hope they will visit my place and leave their chop. And two*(altruistic) I know how hard it is to keep on posting without any recognition. Kinda like standing in the middle of a tunnel while talking to yourself.
You never know what's out there if you don't aggressively look for it.

I did find good thing about the new beta; The spell checker now recognizes 'blog' as a word. LOL

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