November 15, 2006


Don't be influenced by the title of today's post. I ain't getting macho, don't think I could even if I wanted to.
Noooooo. "Toughness" is how the the folks at G'z One describe my new cell phone. I'm not certain if it's tough because I'm a klutz and will drop it or if it adds a touch of masculinity to my appearence as I use it. Would a woman choose this phone? I think not.

Although I voulntarily went out and bought this streamlined wonder (albeit with the tiniest amoutn of arm twisting by the wife) I dislike having to re-learn how to use everyday things like a phone or a toilet due to technological advancements, but I must say that I am totally blown away by this piece of equipment. It's like something out of a 007 flick. I figure it's gonna take me more than a month of fooling around with it to be able to master all of the functions like GPS locating and it's computer interface capabilities. Eventually I will be able to get it to feed the cat and fold my socks. I'll also be able to take better phone pics with the 2.1 m camera and 50 megs of storage without the addition of an extra chip.

I know I am somewhat of a self professed Luddite,but that won't keep me from enjoying the darn thing even if I don't particularly trust it.

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