December 18, 2006

Time Out

No matter which image you choose to use, a hamster on a spinning wheel, donkey and carrot or moron waving newly purchased lottery ticket it all comes down to the same result.
Not getting what you want.
Now what I want is just a little bit more time.
No! not to relax, but to catch up on all the stuff that keeps piling up on me. I know. There are some of you who think that if I spent less time on the computer writing this stuff then I would be able to complete some of the undone tasks waiting for me.
You got a point. So right after my morning cups of coffee, I will begin my day of industry and accomplishment. But before I do that I might have to check my e-mail, then there's the video I still haven't uploaded. Also I went out last Saturday night, so I haven't had the chance to watch this weeks episode of Grey's anatomy. Don't tell me I'm gay. I live in Japan and it's one of the only shows they broadcast. You takes what you gets.
There actually is a little food left in the fridge, a slice of ham, three eggs, some leftover spaghetti and a jar of pickles. I can manage a meal out of that, so I just might put off going to the store until later in the week.
The cleaners is kinda far from where I live and I don't know if there is enough gas in the car to get me there and back, so if I go and pick up my shirts then I'd have to purchase some gasoline as well, but the shops are on opposite ends of town and that would be such a waste of time going to and fro. Besides it's my day off and I don't need my dress shirts today. You know with all this free time I have today I think it would be a waste to spend it on such mundane things as laundry and shopping. There's a Tom Cruise festival on cable today and they're play all of his best stuff, real classics. Tell ya 'bout it later......


Zambo said...

Hey NYD!

Sorry I haven't been around much lately...But I'm trying to catch up on the Blogging...

I don't really drink my pee, by the way...I was only kidding...but thanks for the mention...

Congratulations on getting your work out there! Do we vote or something? I gotta come back and read it as I don't have a lot of time at the moment...I will though...

I hope you're able to figure stuff out...Regrets are tricky, 'cause they say a life without regret is a life half lived or something...

Good luck with your decisions/resolutions and take care out there!

Your Pal,


Zambo said...

Hello again, NYD!

I just read HITORI-GOTO (Inner voices) and left a comment.

An interesting take on being an outsider in a strange land. (The bright side is that at least there's the excuse of being in a strange land)...

Very well done, sir!

Good luck!

Your Pal,