December 10, 2006

Worries....Straight, no chaser

OK, so just like everyone in the whole wide wonderful world I got problems.
My trouble is deciding which ones I can do something about and which are lost causes.
Most folks would say that if they had more money their life would be better. I don't know if my life would improve, but it sure would get my wife off my back and give me a little breathing room.
I find that living up to your own expectations, working to achieve your goals and making your dreams come true provides anyone with a lifetimes worth of work. Trying to live up to someone else's standards is just to much to ask for, unless you've set your bar so low that the cookie monster could clear it.
It seems that I spend so much of my time devoting myself to my business that I have given up trying to develop more and deeper friendships with the people around me. That's gotta change.
It's almost time to make my resolutions for the new year and I gotta get down and do some serious thinking about what direction I want my life to head.
Time's a wastin' and I don't think that I can afford to let it flitter away. I can't say how much more of it I got, so I better find out what it is that will make me happy and do it before I have to look back on a life of regrets.

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