February 04, 2007

Hey Murphy, you gotta be kidding me!

I live in the snow country, I mean the real snow country. If you've read any of my past posts you'd have a clear picture of what life can be like in northern Japan. It is both beautiful and dangerous at the same time. I can't tell you how many close calls I've had while snowboarding off trails and driving on roads where the snow piles up so high that you feel like you're driving through a tunnel. This winter has been different. This is the first winter I've spent here without snow. I mean no snow whatsoever. Oh, sure it flurried now and again but we haven't had any reason to change the tires on the cars. Last week I was having a little trouble with my wheels so I unwrapped my wife's sports car (it hibernates during the winter months) and used it for a couple of days while my car was in the shop. We thought that there'd be no problem taking it out and driving it around for a couple of days. Well I got my car back and I just left her wheels next to mine, uncovered and unprotected from the elements thinking that it was better to let the sun keep it dry instead of putting the cover on it. Who would know that a completely unexpected snowfall would bury her love child. She has a convertible and panicked when she saw an igloo where her machine used to be. Well my sunday morning was spent meticulously cleaning every speck of snow off the car and putting the cover back on. Boy is she pissed with me !!!


Izzy said...

there is something funny with the weather pattern. Today it is absolutely frigid here, So much so that I can literally feel my hands melt when I come indoors.

Not a cool feeling I tell you!

The Grunt said...

It went from single digits last week to 50s today here. We still have snow, though.

jeepgirl said...

Ok here it is in the 20's during the day and single digits at night. It hasn't freaking snowed yet. Hope the car makes it through ok.