May 18, 2007

Hey hey hey.

Well it ain't Fat Albert.
It seems like forever since I have been able to do anything other than work. It's not that I'm over worked, it's just that when you own your own business you tend to bring work home with you and one often begins to believe that you are married to your company rather than working there.

Unfortunately, after much deliberation and a few conversations it looks as if there will not be a continuation of my previous post. The difficulties I encountered the last time I posted something about family members is still a sore spot and seeing how everyone in my family knows about this place (I never was good at keeping secrets) I believe it would be a good idea to refrain from writing a parody about my in-laws.
I will on the other hand continue to write about life under the rising sun with increasing regularity and be paying people visits more frequently.

Right now I am working on a new blogger Buddy list so don't be surprised to see me around your crib in the near future.


Serena Joy said...

Too much work and not enough play no good. I believe you're right about avoiding the parody -- which is precisely why my relatives don't know about my place. LOL. It's always good to see you back in action, whatever the subject.

Scary Monster said...

Hey there, after reading your e-mail, me decided upon the same course of action. Me don't know how other peeps feel about these things but when you have to live with the people you write about, it be better not to say nuthin.


P.S. your 'it'. Come on by and see what me talkin about.

Rebelbelle said...

I know exactly what you mean...
and anyway- all in-laws are the same.
We probably have similar stories- just told with different accents :)