December 03, 2007

Gettin my blog on

I don't know how to talk to myself anymore. My inner dialogue has gone south for the winter
It seems that so much of my inspiration and many of my ideas have been directed at other creative projects that there is very little left for my own personal use.
I recently completed a project that was a little over one year in the making and now, with that completed, I feel as if I have to start on another.
It's an odd feeling to finish something that has taken so much time and energy. Part of me feels a little empty and there is a pull to turn backwards and return to doing something fun. Albert Einstein was correct.

The time I take for myself is used to jot down my thoughts and hopefully organize them into an understandable system of guidelines for living and teaching.
I feel that giving yourself and the knowledge you possess away to others is one of the most rewarding things that someone can do. I guess that's why many people have children. What do you give away the most. What are the sacrifices you make today that you hope will give you a magnificent return tomorrow?


Serena Joy said...

Congrats on completing your project! A year is a long time to devote to anything, so I'm glad it was successful.

What do I give away the most? It would probably be whatever expertise I have in a given subject. It always pleases me to be able to help someone with a problem they're having.

I love that reading level thingy you have. I just checked mine; it came out as "College, Postgrad." LOL.:)

NYD said...

Hi Serena. I guess people will be seeing more of me from now on. I am always amazed that you post so frequently and intelligently on so many subjects.

Serena Joy said...

Good! You need to be seen more often.:)

As for me, I have the attention span of a gnat, hence my flitting from subject to subject.:-)

leelee said...

I'm glad you will be around more NYD. I will make a point to visit more frequently. I've been insanely hectic..but need to touch base with my New Yawkers every now and again.


leelee said...


Mayden' s Voyage said...

You look like you should be one of Hogan's Heros ;) (the new photo)

Whew- good to see you here :)
What do I give away the most?
A lot of myself. My time, thoughts, energies, love, and care are mostly available for the kids (but not exclusively).
I'm learning as they get older and into their teens that the reward of giving so much has yielded a great harvest.
And I'm beginning to have time for myself- which is kind of a new thing for me.

However- it's hardly ever felt like a sacrifice to give so much.
I guess that's when you know for sure it's true love :)

NYD said...

Serena~ It helps to have a short attention span. Life's troubles will be ess bothersome that way.

Leelee! I know how ya feel, girl. Make sure you're not to busy when the Boss comes to town!

Mayden~ The pic has attitude! It's kinda the way I feel most of the time. Especially when it's snowing.

Don't give it all away. Save some for yourself.

leelee said...

Nver too busy for the boss...and I can always carve out at least a LITTLE time for the blogdom.


Keshi said...

Great post. Loved it.

**What are the sacrifices you make today that you hope will give you a magnificent return tomorrow?

I lost my privacy in blogs...but I gained a whole lot of love and knowledge...and thats my sacrifice as well as my return.