January 29, 2008

Burn my draft card.

I have, give or take, about seven posts; half completed just waiting for my brain to get back on track and get the thoughts and words woven into some kind of semblance of a post.

The way I feel these days reminds me of a person who just can't get the hang of driving: too much gas and the car lurches forward. Slam on the brakes and you are thrown against the dashboard. Gas, roar. Brakes, squeal. Gas -brakes-gas-brakes-brakes-gas -brakes. ad nauseum. (you may provide the screeching sound effects to go along with this image.)

I know that if I want to have a sizable following than I am going to have to be consistent with posts or at the very least respond to those who visit here.
There is a thought among blogger writers that if you don't feel like blogging than you ought to take some time off and let things be. A natural sixties granola type of thing with theme music provided by the Grateful Dead or Frank Zappa, if you are somewhat anti- social.
I don't agree with this idea. If you have set a schedule than you have to keep it. Nobody likes irregularity. That's why Metamucil sells so much fiber in a jar.
so where am I going?
Is this a post without a topic or is the topic; having no topic to blog about? Oh Boy! Am I creating a massive problem for myself here.
Ok. so this is just a filler post and I have got to put something down on electronic paper until all the bullshit in my life straightens itself out and I get back to regular story telling.

Be patient people. I will be doing my thing and making sure you are all a part of it. Until then, just be silly and say any old thing that comes to your mind and takes control of your fingertips....
Have Fun!!!


VE said...

Filler? I already had breakfast...I'm full. I'm fortunate in that I haven't run out of things to post yet. I've often wondered what that might feel like to have a blank post staring at me with nothing in my head or too busy to actually be able to post what I want to post. Bummer!

Pink said...

well - you could also have a sizeable following if you'd just leave donuts for us in your comment section.

Just a suggestion.


leelee said...

what Pinks said........


NYD said...

VE: Being overwhelmed with work has actually been a good thing.I just feel frustrated that there are so many thoughts bouncing aroundin my head and little time to spare to get them cleaned and presseed.

Pink & Leelee: Donuts just wouldn't do. Sure, I'd buy them with the very good and proper intentions of leaving them here for visitors. The truth is that I would definitely gobble them up way before they could ever make it to this place.
Sorry gals.

Serena Joy said...

Well, just ease up on the gas and use the brakes sparingly and it'll all even out. I'm with Pinks & Leelee -- donuts, please!:)

The Grunt said...

I'll be here when your brain explodes all over the blog.

Pink said...

Ew. Just don't explode on the donuts.

We could do with chocolate cake, instead...


The Grunt said...

Heh! I'm sorry. That sounded like I was waiting for you to blow your brains out, NYD. Please don't do that.

leelee said...

donuts AND chocolate cake...YUM!

NYD said...

OK folks. General announcement.
There will be no donuts or cake. I am attempting to lose weight with the Atkins method and... Holy crap!!!
I'm taking advice from dead people!!
Dr. Atkins died bloated and fat and Allen Carr from my previous post died from lung cancer.

OMG. I'm gonna hafta find a better guru.

leelee said...

LOL....too much NYD..ok no donuts or cake...

ths thing with those dead gurus (Great Band name) is that they made changes after the damage was done...you are ahead of tehgame..and I for one, am damn proud of you!

HUGS!! ;-)

Corn Dog said...

I love Jenny Craig even though I am heterosexual. She has some awesome chocolate cake.

Posting is overrated. So is driving. Eating is not, on the other hand. Krispy Kreme are the best donuts.

Don't blame the herky jerky motion on your own drivng, blame it on the transmission.

Did you read in the news someone is cutting the big fatty internet cables to India? Someone is as sick as I am of trying to call customer service in our own country and being transferred to India OR its some Russians in a sub who can't drive.

Mayden' s Voyage said...

Can I just tell you I miss you?
I do~
And I miss me.
The me that got up every morning with a post brewing in my head and would have to temper what I wrote so as not to overwhelm the public.
I miss being 5.
I don't miss 16 and 17.

I could write more, but I'll stop.
hugs NYD-

Pink said...

poo. no cake or donuts.


how about BAILEYS?!!!

PaRtY time!

duh duh duh duh duh duh...(starting conga line - who's with me?)

Keep up the good work NYD...life after cigarettes is a whole new world - been where you are, 3 days, 3 weeks, 3 months...they are the tough milestones, but till then...minute by minute you can do it.