April 02, 2008

Delayed Gratification.

There are hundreds of people that we bump into everyday and we don't know anything about them. If you live in a city, even a small one, that is par for the course and not something that I spend more than a glancing moment in contemplation.
Yet as the circle of influence draws tighter and we get closer to the part of our world that begins to bump, shuffle, slide and crash into others; we might want to take a closer look at the people we touch and who in turn touch us. (Get your mind out of the gutter, will ya?)

I wonder if I can see things from the other shore?

In one way or another, befriending people and creating lasting relationships often include some kind of sacrifice. There is a little give and a little take no matter how lop-sided things might seem. It's easy enough for me to see the things that I have given up and I often become slightly perturbed about the injustice of the situation. But do I accurately calculate the amount of trouble I cause others and the multitude of dreams and that have been left at the wayside for my benefit and /or sefishness?

Even though I tell myself that I am unbiased and impartial about most things, I have to be honest and say that it is impossible to be completely objective about anything when it is egocentric and affecting not only my physical well being, but my spiritual one as well

So, how are we able to honestly asses whether or not we are being treated fairly. You might want to say that you know it in your gut, but that just doesn't cut it. How do you know if you are treating others with the same kindness that you yourself desire. I know a lot of people who cry foul when things go slightly sour for them yet they treat many folks like dirt. I also know a few who never complain about anything; they are both selfless, generous and are consistently doing what they can to help others and they never seem to avoid the sharp end of the stick.

I believe that it might just be better to sit back with one of my favorite albums and see if the answer to my questions won't come around while I am listening and chillin to Jerry and the boys.


lime said...

all good questions to consider as we strive ever onward toward being better people.

NYD said...

That's my problem, lime. I don't belive I'm getting any better at juggling.

Kurt said...

Exactly. Plus my idea of a better person doesn't seem to be anyone else's idea.

Pink said...

You are so right.

I've sacrificed tens of click muscles reading your blog. I've given up minutes of sleep!


Well...I think those who are selfless but get the short end of the stick often get that short end by being selfless.

In the modern world, we can't go on being selfless like that. My yoga master used to say put anger in your back pocket and use it when you need to. Don't BECOME angry but use the energy to achieve something you need.

I haven't quite figured that one out because I get angry every month.

But...I guess the point is...do what you can to protect your interest and your work and then you leave the rest...politics do nobody really any good...its just given me high blood pressure.

Not sure if any of that makes sense.

Fair? I don't know what is fair.

Serena Joy said...

I used to be pretty adept at juggling because I trusted my instincts; not so much any more. Now it's all kind of hit or miss. As long as I do no harm, though, I guess it'll all even out in the end.:)

NYD said...

Kurt~ We all believe that our ideal of the good is original and personal and everyone's thoughts do differ , yet there might just be a singularity that we all agree upon.

Pink~ That sounds very similar to the thoughts that Aristotle put forth in his Nicomachean ethics. I misquote: "balance comes from expressing the proper emotion in the correct amount at the apropriate time." something like that.

SJ~ Caan't trust my instincts because they are specifically tuned into doing stuff that's good for me. What I need to learn is something akin to empathy.