April 11, 2008

Friday's ain't for thankin god.

like anything that is left untended the emotional weed sinks it's roots deep into the soil of life.
Feeding upon the minutiae of errs and faults and fallacies the spark of annoyance becomes a bonfire of rage.
Burning hot and fast it takes on a life of it's own and demands recognition.

Anger consumes me.

The rest of this has nothing to do with the piece of flash prose above.

I have stopped wondering what to do on the weekends. My work schedule has changed and I no longer have Saturday and Sunday to frolic and romp. (Who the fuck says frolic anymore?) There is a bit of a problem when you have to work when others are recreating and replicating.

I have been trying to get together with some friends, but the best I have been able to manage is a cup of coffee in the lounge area of my school.

Why are we all so damned busy? Whatever happened to all the labor saving devices that would allow us more leisure time and an unparalleled efficiency in obtaining our goals or clearing the workload?
Sorry if things here seem disjointed.
They are, well I am, but even if my brain is derailed it's nice to know that the rest of the world is running smoothly, right?....Right?

Next week the school is supposed to have something called a HANAMI party.
If you don't know what that is than I am not really surprised. If you do know what it is than I am going to have to give more credit to Wikipedia for disseminating knowledge to the universe.

This party is really a poor excuse to go out and get blasted. There'll be no reminicing nor haiku or anything that reminds you of a samurai contemplating the soul of a butterfly, but there will be laughter, bawdy jokes (Who the fuck says bawdy?) and plenty of silliness. Oh, yeah. There will be cherry blossoms too.

Remind me to post some pictures.


The Grunt said...

Um, you say bawdy and frolic. You also say fuck a lot. That's the kind of variety that keeps me coming here.

Technology just makes more work for us. That's why I like playing through my 51-year-old guitar amplifier more than through my high tech modeler. Although I can cover more ground with the digital modeler, the old tube amp is simple and sweet.

lime said...

well, happy hanami anyway. i hope it helps you blow off some steam. a bawdy frolic is often good for that.

leelee said...

Goodness.. I say Frolic AND bawdy on a regular basis..I also say Fuck and shit a lot as well.

Life has presented it self in another little twist in the road hasn't it... go with the turn, see where it takes you.

Have fun at your Hanami Party...that does sound like a good time.


Kurt said...

The teasing proverb dumplings rather than flowers (花より団子) hints at the real priorities for most cherry blossom viewers.

Serena Joy said...

If it vents some steam, say it. If it feels good (and vents some steam), do it. And then go and enjoy your Hanami party.

X. Dell said...

Curtailing time is a method of control. Always has been.

'Frolic' is one of those motion words that connote freedom, after all.

I'm hoping you can find some time. If I were you, I'd see if I could gain some leverrage from those HANAMI photos you plan to take. You might have to fight for your right to frolic (apologies to the Beastie Boys).