May 31, 2008

Drinkin & Stinkin.

"I ain't sure I'm the guy fer the job." "Pass the salt, will ya?

"Here you are," "Look I don't want you to feel like you are doin me a favor."

"No, it's not like that at all." Shifts uncomfortably in his seat "I just never done anything like what yer askin of me"

"Yeah, well..."


lime said...

curious to know what the job is....

Pink said...

I'm certain you are exactly the one for the job ;)

Kurt said...

At this point, I would take any job.

Mona said...

I think he is asking him to pee in his pants after seeing his GF & call him his friend in front of her ;so as to expedite a breakup from her, for which he does not want to take a direct responsibility ..

..whatever... I guess I got brain damaged when that tiger ate me up - (speaking from a tiger tummy...)

Serena Joy said...

What IS the job? Although I'm sure you're quite capable of handling it, whatever it is.:)

puerileuwaite said...

Maybe it's like that George Burns classic bit where a hooker tells him she'll do anything for $50, and George says, "Okay, paint my house".

The Grunt said...

I wanted to quit my job in the worst way today. I hope that whatever this is you do what is right for you, man.

I seriously can't wait to not need my current medical insurance tied to this job of mine, because I am splitting as soon as it's smart to!

NYD said...

Lime~ So am I.

Pink~ There are some kinds of jobs I absolutely love! I mean they just blow me away.

Kurt~ Come to Lilliput; you can have mine.

Mona~ Errrr....umm, giving the tiger a bit of indigestion, I reckon.

SJ~ The job is makin it through the day with a smile on yer face.

Pug~ Yeah, and when she was finished he gave her his cigar as a tip.

Grunt~ We all have them days when we just want to get off the wagon and kick all the hairy bullcrap out of our nlives. Unfortunately we all seem to be hooked into the works by something we can't do without.

Good luck,
Get better,
Get free!