November 16, 2008

No man is an island,

yet there's no stopping him from creating one.

My backyard has looked like shit for more than a year. Now, it's not really mine, but seeing how I live closest to it I decided to spend the day cleaning it up a bit.

I got more than I bargained for....Start with a veritable jungle of bamboo like reeds and serious undergrowth.
Hack out a path while whistling the theme song for Indiana Jones

Widen the path and then take a break...It's been over an hour.

Change direction and work on the under brush and vines that grow under my balcony.

Contemplate the folly of my descision to do this with hand tools...It's been three hours now.

Never say die!

Finally after a morning and the better part of the afternoon I have cleard the entire area leaving only a small island of bamboo in the middle of the clearing.

Time to start shaping the reeds to give them a sense of balance.

I'm done and done for!
You can't really tell from the photo but this was a fairly large field and the grove I created ought to look really nice once the snow starts falling. I did a fair bit of damage to my hand during the task acouple o' skratches and at one point a sharpened end of a reed got shoved between my knuckles. Boy, I hate when that happens. This was a good day, but I'm sure I'll be paying for it later.
How was your sunday?


Grant said...

That's the sort of problem best solved with fire.

And I'm just starting my Sunday with jasmine oolong tea and miso soup.

NYD said...

I do hope that you aren't mixing the tea and the soup together.

Who is Jasmine???

Aunty Belle said...

Ha! LOL at the Indiana Jones theme song quip--hilarious!

Put some weed killer on the hacked down part so it woan grow up again-- we uses bakin soda as an eco-friendly weed zapper. HAte to think of ya doin' this again in three SUndays.

Hope yore hand heals Okay.

The Java Junkie said...

I'm impressed! In fact, I'm going to print those pictures to show my husband how easy he has it! (The man whines when he has to take the RIDING lawnmower out for a spin around the yard!!)

Our Sunday started with homemade cinnamon buns, wicked strong coffee, and a quiet walk. With any luck, it will end with carnitas...

Megan said...

Wow, that was a lot of work! Congrats on a job well done. Once the snow falls, I'd love to see a follow-up picture.

lime said...

good grief, if you're going to do that with hand tools you ought at least have a scythe worthy of the grim reaper! no wonder you ache!

puerileuwaite said...

I spent MY Sunday watching Stephen King's "Children of the Corn", wondering what attracts nutcases to over-grown fields in the first place.
Then I came here.

NYD said...

Aunty~ Baking soda, huh. I never heard of that one. I'll give it a try.

JJ~ About half way through the &%!$@"# project I was wishing I had a John Deere. Carnitas Mmmmmmm...

Meagan~ Were supposed to start getting snow next week, but I think the weatherpeople are off by a month.

Lime~ Yeah, it was a shitty little thing, but it got the job done. All my other tools are up at the farm.

Pug~ Jeeze you are on a roll, young Pup. You have been posting the funniest cooments I have ever read. Thanks for the giggles.

leelee said...

Ahhh Sunday. This morning hubs and I went to the flea market to stroll around...didn't buy much but the people watching was worth it all. The weather is absolutely gorgeous with a high around skies nice breeze. We came home , had lunch and settled into our comfy chairs to watch Football. Made some pasta with putanesca sauce for dinner..and here I am reading your blog. Good job on the reeds 'n weeds...I like your reed soul patch. I too look forward to snowy pix. Good job!


Jenny said...

did you get a good workout? I love doing yard work, but bamboo is stuff and I think I would have lasted about 20 minutes.

My Sunday was also about work, but I was cleaning not hacking.

Mona said...

Yikes! so much done with such a small tool!

Worthy tool That!

& that one...she is Aladdin's girlfriend, that Jasmine

Anonymous said...

Instead of throwing the bamboo away, why not donate it to the zoo. I'm sure the panda's would appreciate it. Unless it's not the kind they like. Oh well...Guess burning it in a safe location would be the next best thing. Sunday...hmm, watching a special on the History channel called
Hell:The Devil's Domain. Just love watching home movies...wink

And WOW, what a great job you did to that yard. Bet yo miss the stone city after all that work, but I'm still very impressed. Don't forget to soak that ole bod of yours, otherwise you're going to feel it over and over again. WE're not getting any younger...


Ming the Merciless said...

That's why I live in an apartment and leave the brush clearing to the professionals. :-)

I like the bamboo patch you left behind. Very Japanese. :-)

Allan said...

Is it still OK to use Agent Orange or did they cut that out?

Pink said...

Gardening is good for calming the soul.

Hacking is good for getting out your holiday blues ;)

have a happy week