December 08, 2008

Mute Monday R

I'm thinking of music. All of today's photos (except for the last one) are representations or hints to song titles that begin with the letter R. See how many you know or can figure out. One of them is a gimme. You can attribute at least three songs to the image.

This last one is for Grant.
It's always a good idea to include a gratuitous nude in your posts.
Even if it has very little to do with the theme of the moment


Boxer said...

Oh, I'm no good at these, but I love the pictures and the whole idea and I'll be back to see what everyone else suggests.

Happy MM!

Aunty Belle said...

wel...ah, Ring of fire, ah,Raindrops keep fallin on m haid...I'se failin'. Drat.

But Happy MM!

Grant said...

My guess for songs beginning with "R" based on my iTunes library:

Raining Blood
Raised in Hell
Read Between the Lies
Return to Oz

Am I wrong to be aroused by Rei in her plug suit.

The Java Junkie said...

Hmmmm...the only three I could figure out were Rocket Man, Ring of Fire and Raindrops Keep Fallin' On My Head...I'm going to come back later when I'm more awake and have a go at the rest! Happy MM!

Gypsy said...

I'm crap at this type of thing and couldn't even get the obvious ones. But I do like the pics and I didn't have to think to look at those :)

Happy Mute Monday.

moi said...

Rocket Man
Ring of Fire
Rain Drops Keep Falling on my Head (or Rainy Days and Mondays)

That's all I can figure out this early.

The last photo leaves me wondering, once again: what is UP with Japanese cartoon porn? I know it's called something else but again it's too early for my brain to retrieve the word.

Happy, Happy!

TROLL said...

Too easy. Heck, I got them all.
That "roundabout" pic is too cool. Where that be?

TROLL said...

rainyday woman, roundabout, radar love, ring-of-fire, rocketman,

Ree said...

Nice! Happy Mute Monday.

lime said...

well, the ones i knew have already been guessed....a day late and a dollar short, that's my story

K9 said...

road to nowhere by talking heads
rocket man elton
er... an ad for preperation h? just kiddin
raindrops keep fallin

dont know
wipeout? i know not an R hmmmmm ready to wipe out? grrherhahaha got me on that one

i love the games!

happy MM

Mona said...

well, I'm lost. Never get to hear or see many songs out here...& i can't cheat by googling it either with the given pictures..

Vixen said...

I think I might have gotten 3 of them. GREAT images you chose for each one though! :)


The Grunt said...

-Road to Nowhere
-Rocket Man
-Ring of Fire
-Rainy Day Women No. 12 & 35
-Radar Love
-Riders on the Storm
-Really Big Anime Tiddies!

NYD said...

Thanks all for coming by and indulging in my idiocy. Kudos to the Grunt who got all of them correct. Probably a no brainer for him.

AB~ I was so bored that I actually did this to keep myself from snuffing it.

Aunty~ Have you and hubby resolved the territorial dispute?

Grant~ You get special notice for completely ignoring the game and no, you ought not feel ashamed by any indecent arousal caused by a plug in suit.

JJ~ Amazing that the Java Junkie would surf with out her preferred Joy Juice.

Gypsy~ That's the attitude, girl. Even if you just don't get it, don't let it stop you from enjoying yourself.

Moi~ Um we call it anime porn here too.

Troll~ you forgot riders on the storm and didn't even mention the anime tiddies. I am seriously wondering if you are a true gators fan.

Lime~ A day late and a dollar short is way better than being off your rocker and out on your ass.

K-9 The ad for Preperation-H song title is Rectum Relief by Jellyfinger.
Personally, I think it's a shitty tune.

Mona~ I guess now isn't the time to belistening to music, eh.

Vixen~ I always like your image (avatar) way better than any I ever choose.

Mona said...

yea, probably its time to face the music...

Just came to check what time it was in your country...I am doing that on all blogs

Dave Carrol said...

Enjoyed the blog... first time here

Megan said...

Darnit, I would have got at least...oh, three or four...if I'd been more awake on Monday morning.

Great idea on the musical muteness!

Grant said...

BTW, I just started watching the anime series Evangelion that features Rei, and I just discovered that she's supposed to be a 14yo schoolgirl. No wonder she's so popular with the Akibakun set (especially when she's injured and bandaged).