December 27, 2008

Winter, huh. Well...

It's white. It's cold. It's pretty and it's a great big pain in the ass!
I don't like drivin in it, but it makes for a romantic evening when we get to where we're goin.
I can't help goin out in it to take photos, but it's so damned cold here that the snot freezes in my nostrils.
Shoveling it is a great work out until I throw out my back.
Makin the yearly snow man is cool until the next door neibor's kid hits me with a snow ball
Winter has settled in like a couch potato with the remote.
It's not goin anywhere soon..
Neither am I


NYD said...

Hah! I got here before you!

Carla said...

Ha,ha, ha! Yep, when that snot starts freezing, no point in going anywhere.

Megan said...

I'm cold but I got lotsa blankets.

Grant said...

What is this snow stuff of which you speak? It won't stop raining here. Temps are supposed to get into the 70's today. I'm still leaving the windows open and using the fans. Can you send some of that winter this way? It sounds like a nice change.

Beth said...

My sentiments exactly. For every pro, there's a con. Actually, the older you get the cons start to outweigh the pros. I have had ENOUGH of the white stuff.

puerileuwaite said...

Maybe this is a bad time to mention death and taxes ...

lime said...

nothin like the snotcicles.

Anonymous said...

living in a city takes some of the charm away from what you expect to see as a winter wonderland. We did have snow here and as it fell I watched with great anticipation to go out into it and enjoy the falling thick flakes accumulating into what we hope to be full enough to play in. Sadly the rain came shortly after, washing away all hopes to run and play and build that most needed snowman. Oh well, there's always next year, right, or are we looking at global warming?

maybe we should move to Japan



Mona said...

Great poetry Nyd. I like it!

Its not going anywhere soon & neither am I...

Classic sloth imagery !

Beautifully put!

Mona said...

Pray who is that beautiful person in the last post & pray why are we not allowed to comment upon such exquisite beauty!

Kurt said...

We got 6 inches last Monday.

Anonymous said...

In Lieu of....

Thank you for posting that most wonderful picture. I was shocked to see it and tongue tied at the time to say something. But I'm glad you did it and yes she was beautiful. I would be stepping out of line to answer Mona's question, so I'll leave it to you. Thank you again for remembering.

Ava Gardner Eat your heart out.


Ali said...

Wish we had such issues during x-mas this year.

Ours is a crazy world. Christian Palestinians are celebrating xmas in Gaza and the holy land with Irsaeli planes have killed more than 300 civilians and 30 children and 20 women. When will governments realize that people in my region want to live in Peace and co exist. Good hearted Americans like you can end this bloodshed.
call your congress and representive now to put pressure on Israel to end this maddness.

NYD said...

Carla~ It's worse when it starts to defrost.

Megan~ Blankets are good but they are nicer when is there to snuggle up with.

Grant~ Stick with the rain. Driving in the snow is a real pain in the ass.

Beth~ :) There's something to be said for a south Pacific paradise.

Pug: Those I try to ignore, but the cold is pervasive.

Lime~ Snotcicles! Awesome!! That's my word for this winter.

Halvah~ It's a nice place to visit, but you woul;dn't want to live here.

Mona~ That's a picture of my mom.
I thank you for the compliment.

Kurt~ I hope you are talkin about

JGB~ Step out of line any time you want to. The people here are quite friendly and will slap you with a feather duster if they disapprove.

Ali~ It is indeed a crazy world and it will require BOTH sides to stop tossing explosives at each other.
I do not have any voice with the American gov't Nor would it do any good if I did.

Ali said...

If a citizen of the only super power like yourself think cant make a different then what should civilians under the rumble in Gaza say. Thats why I believe that Americans like you can pressure your governement to end this atrocity. I dont see any other way to end this.

Ali said...

NYD, I posted some links that can help