March 24, 2009

All you need are laughs

I guess, like just about many other folks, I have had been thinking about politics, the economy, and a host of other problems that seem to be knocking on our door every week.
Well, I think it's high time we stop worrying about all the bullshit that is going on these days.
I mean it's kinda futile, isn't it?

When you expend energy thinking upon the stupidity of others it does at least two things to you. The first is that it makes you agitated and that can ruin your day by causing you to lose sight of all the good things surrounding you. The second is that it could make you stupid as well by bringing your mental faculties down to the level of sub-moronic.

See what I mean.

Why the hell I am holding the most ridiculous spork ever produced by man is a mystery even to me. One of the people I work with brought it in to amuse us and it was the highlight of the day.

At least it took my mind off the ass whipping Japan gave America in the World Classic Baseball Tournament.

Here is another example of someone who knows what to do in times of media exaggerated turmoil and strife. Kurt, over at OPE has recently sent me his bi-monthly zine. Actually he sent it to me a while ago judging by the postmarks on the innumerable amount of stamps covering the envelope, but it wasn't until last week Wednesday that I recieved it.

Response was overwhelming.

And universal.

It was this object of irreverent humour that finally struck the chord that has been missing in the symphony of my daily musings.


I reckon that maybe I have been taking life a little too seriously and it's time to just throw my hands in the air, after putting the spork down first, of course, and let my funy bone take me for a ride.

I might just be irresponsible. I might be avoiding reality. I might even be somewhat childish in my way of thinking. If I am well, so be it- adults don't have all that much fun anyway.

Take it easy all.

I'm off to watch some Marx Bros.

Hope you go do something similar and tell me all about it.


BlackenedBoy said...

I think you're taking a good approach. It took me a really long time that the most important thing in life is not how much money you have or how many academic honors you receive, but how happy you are.

I try and mix the two, paying attention to serious things so I know what I have to face while trying to take as much enjoyment out of life as I can.

NYD said...

BlackenedBoy~ Thanks for spending the time to comment. Will have to drop by your place and see what's going on in your corner of the world.

Keping a balance between yourself and the world around can make you a little crazy at times.
I figure a couple of laughs just keep the stress at merely managable levels.

The Grunt said...

This post has inspired me to go find a girl in need of a good sporking.

Kurt said...

I will cherish these photos. Also, are either of those ladies single?

I think it was Stephen R. Covey who said not to make your circle of concern larger than your circle of influence, i.e., don't worry about stuff you cannot control.

Beth said...

Had one of those “my abs are killing me” bouts of laughter with a friend just yesterday – it was wonderful. Relieved a lot of stress. Have been way too serious lately. You’re right – adults don’t seem to have enough fun.
Hope you bust a gut watching the Marx Brothers!
(And those pictures of you made me laugh too...)

Grant said...


moi said...

We have brought a new dog into our home. As a result, everything else pales in importance and has been shunted to the back burner. Once she's acclimated, though, I'm sure I'll be back to bitching about the government and worrying myself over the new spring shoe styles.

Megan said...

You remind me that I need to send back my OPE comment card.

Laughter is the best medicine, indeed!

Query - What does one eat with a spork, anyways?

lime said...

oh man, i needed those photos today. my "vacation" to boston came to a really abrupt end when i walked in the front door and got a heavy dose of reality right between the eyes.

thank you. i could bend down and kiss those tie dye covered feet of yours.

Sassy Blondie said...

Although I keep trying to leave, the people I work with keep me laughing daily...both with them and at them. Best of all, they keep me laughing at myself as well...

Serena said...

I tend not to worry about stuff I know I can do nothing about. Just makes me crazy. I have a hard enough time with stuff I can control, like matching socks and feeding the dog. But -- what the fork is up with that forking spork-thing? LOVE thoze zany photos!

Aunty Belle said...

Heh--ain't too taken wif' the spork, but the photos of NYD?? Luv 'em!!

Hope ya' have a laughy week of it (warning--stay away from the BACK Porch as it is all Euro pollyticks at high decibles)

When I'se maxed out I clap on the earbuds of the Ipod filled wif' Gregorian Chant and take to the road--walking and looking at the beauty of Florida--it is restorative.

NYD said...

Grunt~ Go get 'em, tiger!

Kurt~ I hoped you would like them. The pictures, not the gals and sorry, no. Both of them bunnies are taken.

Beth~ Cerish that friend and meet up with them again as soon as you possibly can. Laughter is in short supply these days.

Grant~ Yeah, I saw that coming.

Moi~Saw the pics of the pup. She's awesome!

Megan~ To answer your most erudite question. One is never limited to the assortment of foods that one can shovel into one's maw with a spork, but this particular model; or so I have been told, was developed for those unfortunate few who have never mastered chopsticks well enough to eat ramen.

It really is a bitch trying to pick up soup with a pair of sticks.

Lime~ coming back home from vacation only serves to remind you why you ran away in the first place.

Sassy~ Welcome to Lilliput!
If you are fortunate enough to work in a place like that then you are truly blessed!

SJ~ I believe that I am just going to stop trying to control all the hairy bulls**t that comes my way. Side stepping just makes more sense to me.

Aunty~Welcome Home!!! Aw shucks, woman. Youse know I cain't hardly stay away from your back porch.

Mayden' s Voyage said...

I'm going to the 2 hours.
Vodka and sushi are in my near future :)
It might not be something to laugh about, but it's definitely something worth smiling over!

Have a great week :)

(and thank you for your always insightful and thoughtful comments- you might be surprised how long your words stick with me- heck, sometimes it surprises me! lol ;)

Spin said...

Love your spork!

Mona said...

They didn't say it for nothing...that ignorance is Bliss...

Anonymous said...

Maybe that is a special spork for people who like chunky soups but aren't fans of broth, so they can drain out the liquid on the way to their mouths?

Scary Monster said...

What for you be wearing a necktie????

Youse gettin old, man!

Big Shamu said...

All hail the spork. I bet Martha has a silver one.

The Java Junkie said...

"The best way to cheer yourself up:
Cheer everybody else up."
- Mark Twain

Well done!