July 19, 2009

"99 & 44/100% pure".

I think that it's a little odd that a guy who hates being bound to a wrist watch lives in a country that is overwhelmingly regulated by them.

I look at the dates of my posts and I'm amazed that I don't get the chance to do more storytelling. I guess that means I'm livin life and not talking about it. That's fairly commendable, but there ought to be a little down time for letting people know what life is like on this side of the puddle.
Even though I had to work today (Sun.) and had a great time with my students. I spent every available moment I could playing my guitars. I keep one at the school and one at home and few things make me happier than when I am chilling out and makin' music.
Everyone's got that one thing that makes them jive. Finding out what it is is half the fun.

I got a call from my sister yesterday. It seems that the City of New York wants me to explain why I haven't reported for jury duty...ever.
The last time I was home I told them that I just plain didn't live in America anymore and that I found it very unlikely that my boss would give me time off to help incarcerate recidivists. I am the boss and I know damn well that I ain't givin myself two weeks vacation, paid or otherwise.

I need a new TV show to watch. If i can't find something to hold my interest the mouse starts clicking on porn sites. Now before you judge me just let me tell you why I watch the ghastly stuff.
To be totally honest. I mean boy scout salute three fingers in the air honest about this; I find pornographic movies to be absolutely hilarious. You think I'm shittin you, but I'm not!
My first ever porn flick was the classic, Deep Throat. Now many of you have heard of it, but probably never seen it. It is without a doubt a masterpiece! Funny!, Funny!!, Funny!!!
Not like the crappy videos that are produced simply for whacking material. This is a triumph of the human spirit. It was not only Linda Lovelace who brought us out of the middle American closet, but also Marilyn Chambers who showed us the hypocrisy of our ways. James Tiberius Kirk and Lt. Uhura were not the first Oreo cookie.

I am not a fan of porn, but I do like fucking.

I think the world would be a whole lot better if we spent more time literally fucking each other over than figratively doing it.

It feels better that way.

There's always time enough for love.


Kurt said...

May I recommend 30 Rock?

Grant said...

You might like PG Porn.

From what I've seen of Japanese porn, it's all kinds of horrible. It's not even entertainingly bad - it generally just makes me cringe.

Mona said...

I have never been to a porn website, although there was once a major 'scandal' in the blogworld where one of the bloggers was using a porn star photographs and passing them off as her's ( not exposing photos) , until one another blogger discovered and splashed the news on everyone's blog leaving a link to the site of the porn star. There was a major chaos of sorts!

NYD said...

Kurt~ Now I know why people are raving about that woman. She is wonderful. Thanks!!

Grant~ Got kinda involved with Tina, but I'll get to your site soon. You might want to learn how to have the site pop up in a new window.

Mona~ I really can't imagine a scandal in the bogworld causing people any kind of major incovenience.

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with you about that wonderfully funny classic film. I myself was a viewer for one particular reason and I'm certain that my boyfriend at the time would agree it was a great learning tape as well. From that time on I have perfected the ability to no end. It's been years since my last encounter, but even the last one is still dreaming of my perfection...wink...::smile::

My you do bring up old memories don't you....


Megan said...

I'm perfectly willing to engage in the activity, but it's getting hard to find takers...

lime said...

personally i want to be with someone who knows the difference between fucking, making love, and just plain sex and how to recognize the right time for each. i'd hate to do without any of them.

The Grunt said...

Before video you actually had to justify the expense of 16mm or 35mm film by having an actual story with humor and social satire in porn. Now it is just aliens and pizza boys.

The 8mm stuff is frightening. My friend and I broke into his dad's safe and found some. Pretty scary shit and it got pubes stuck in my dad's projector. That one was hard to explain when I brought it back to my house. I was such a good little Mormon boy.

NYD said...

Halvah~ I don't want to even think about that. LOL

Megan~ Try Craig's list. I hear it's pretty popular. And cheaper than a bar.

Lime~ Most gals are happy if the guy can find their clitoris. The G-spot would be icing on the cake. You my dear are looking for Mr. Right; not Mr. right now.

Grunt~ Aliens, pizza boys and Pterodactyls

Pubes in the projector are a damned nuisance. Oh, and totally gross as well.

NYD said...

Grunt~ Bad link. try this one for some truly disturbing images. Just don't ask me how I know about it, OK Pterodactyls

lime said...

well said. why settle?

leelee said...

I agree and me too!


Serena said...

If it makes you happy, then you should definitely do it more. As should we all!

The Grunt said...

Oh dear god, that was hideous! There was some real conviction in the dude's arm flapping in one scene, though. That clip would have been a great "deleted" scene from a John Water's film.

puerileuwaite said...

Pat Benatar says love is a battlefield. So I always wear a helmet.

Boxer said...

my first porn movie was "Debbie Does Dallas" at a Drive In and Mr. Boxer and I howled through it. That was my first and last because by the end I was bored.

Aunty Belle said...

uh-oh. Sugar, ya may need an intervention-Whar's the Mrs when youse glued to the box? Bet'cha she is more fun. She is at least alive an' that beats celluloid.

X. Dell said...

(1) As to your last point, I think you're fucking right.

Never saw Deep Throat, though.

(2) Malcolm X once said, "Never trust anyone who doesn't wear a wristwatch. Never trust anyone who is careless with time."

I guess you're living in a society of trustworthy people?

Or, like me, you see the external regulation of time as antagonistic your sense of freedom (see E.B. Thompson's "Time, Work-Discipline and Industrial Capitalism").