February 16, 2006

The gift that keeps on giving

I love the English language and all it's complexities nuances, foibles and irregularities.
Even if you write well and correctly like many people do, you can still find something unintentional and therefore funny or occasionally tragic. While surfing blogs for stories about valentines day I came across one that really rocked me. It comes from a page that usually has a lot of good stories about teaching and living in Japan, but this time this particular post unintentionally got me giggling...

From an English teacher in Japan:

"My main problem with VD is that it targets couples specifically. Surely most people love more than just one person! Why not make it about expressing your love and appreciation for all the special people in your life"?

Read the passage in it's entirety here:

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Sallie said...

Ha ha ha ha!!! Yeah, I'm a dork. That section especially is pretty funny. Oops!