February 15, 2006

Yet another Cheney post

The time is ripe and I'm gonna jump on the bandwagon with a "Cheney" post of my own.
Actually by the time I heard of the incident or is it an accident, It was already old news. I got wind of it through the myriad jokes that many bloggers are spreading around. Personally I think that there are better ways to make your mark in the world than to go down in history as the vice president who spawned more metaphors for ineptitude than any other politician in history.
What puzzles me is that this is still headline news. Even if the victim dies ( and I hope he doesn't) we don't really expect Cheney to be prosecuted, do we? The fact that it took him more than 20 hours to report the thing is also no surprise.

(Regarding the shooting)
“Accuracy was enormously important. I had no press person with me.”

Now that's a turn of phrase!!!!!

I wonder how many years it took ol' Dick to figure out he had to lift the seat before he takes a piss?

These are the people with the power and it's scary. They are making decisions, bad ones and it's not hard to see why the things they do are helping to send the world down the toilet.

I bet some of you wish he were hunting with Duh- buya.

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