February 13, 2006


Can't wait until Valentines day
It gives me a chance to do something nice with someone I like. I don't look like the romantic type and if I make any loving gestures my wife immediately gets suspicious.
First of all there are the cultural differences. In Japan there is a lot of "giri-choco," chocolate given to bosses, friends and co-workers with no true affection associated with the gift. Also it's women who give sweets to men. Some movie stars and TV personalities can recieve more than a ton of chocolate from fans!
My wife crispy and I have the best of both worlds. I get chocolates from her and then she receives some from me, yea!
She always buys Royce chocolates they are her favorite. I suspect she gives me a couple of boxes because I'm supposed to share them with her.
This year I have been surfing many of the romance sites that are all over the net gathering ideas and have come up with a really cute idea. A fun way to share valentines chocolates and stretch the lovey dovey feeling out for another couple of weeks, but I'm not gonna tell you all what it is

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Anonymous said...

Are you gonna tell us what your idea is in the future??