February 12, 2006

I got a woman

The love of my life. The most intelligent,patient, kind, mysterious woman I know.
Ok, Ok, enough PR. I had to say those things so'd she let me post her pics. Truth is she is all those things, but lately she's adopted a new theme song that's got me worried.
BITCH by meredith brooks.
It's a good song, I like it myself. In fact I kinda introduced it to her, but now she's playing it while we're driving (not good for road rage), at work. Well she IS the boss, she hums it in the shower and when she's at the computer. She even serenades me with it while I'm cooking and cleaning and ironing the clothes.

She says it motivates her, empowers her, makes her strong. Why couldn't she have found something a little less invigorating. Something like..... Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me by Mel Carter. That would suit me fine. I mean she could sing it while she mixes up a martini for me or while she's massaging my neck.
I'd have no problems with her humming it after dinner and she's clearing the table and washing the dishes.
And when she lights my cigar she can wink at me as if the words have a special meaning.
Ahhhh, What the hell. "Bitch" is her song and it's the perfect one for her. Now if I could Just sell her on my interpretation of the lyrics......

1 comment:

The womans voice said...

Just what are your "interpretation" of the lyrics? Probably sexist like you