February 20, 2006

Long winters day into night.

Winter is still here and it's kinda getting me down. My knee is still kinda stiff ( see previous post) and I don't have the energy to do anything more than open up the last of my valentines chocolates and pop the cork on a bottle of whiskey. While I was getting my fix of Chibi Maruko chan and Sazai-san I heard something that I have never before heard in this neighborhood.
The Yaki imo man.
Yaki imo or baked sweet potato is a fairly common sight downtown in the drinking district or in older areas that have homes instead of apartments, but not around my digs. Ahhh, Yaki imo. You can tell when he's around 'cause he sings a special kind of chant.
Kinda like the pied piper - 焼き いも ~~~ おいしい (get yer red hot taters here) wonderfully warm and sumptuous. The perfect snack food in the winter. Perfectly fattening too and don't eat too many of them cause you won't be able to move more than ten feet from the WC. I like to get them nice and fresh and melt butter on them and then sprinkle them with just a hint of cinnamon sugar, Yum!! Too bad I was too lazy to get off my ass and stop the truck and pick up a tuber or two.

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