February 20, 2006

The agony of defeat

More than any other sporting event, I enjoy the winter olympics. There lots of unusual events that hold my attention better than the ones held during the summer games. Luge, skeleton, curling, biatholon, but there is also snowboarding. A passion for me during the long winter months here in Morioka. At the time of writing this it is totally depressing to realize that Japan has not won any medals in the winter olympics in Turin. Yet worse than that was to watch the agonizing finish of the woman's bordercross, OUCH!
Lindsey Jacobellis had the gold medal in her hands she was so far ahead that the other riders were in a different time zone, but she couldn't resist a stylish grab on the final jump. She sure looked good in the air for about two seconds but when she failed to stick the landing all I could do was slap my forehead. While she was sprawled out in the snow and trying to make a recovery the Swiss rider zipped by and snatched the gold medal right out of her hands. I bet she's gonna be watching the video clip from that race and banging her head against the walls for quite some time, thinking why oh why did I have to style it?

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