February 25, 2006

Hang in there baby.

Bleary eyed and slightly hungover I'm contemplating the upcoming day.
If I can make it through the next ten hours or so I'll be able to kick back and finally relax.

It seems like this week has lasted forever. Now that the weather is starting to change and all the snow is beginning to melt away; people are coming out of hibernation and that means more students are showing up to classes and new ones are checking me out to see if they'd like to enroll in my school.
That's only one part of things. All my friends are in the same fix so it's almost impossible to find an evening where we can all get together for a piss up. We spend more time on the phone talking about drinking than we actually do sitting in the bar.

I'm hungrily anticipating the end of the working day 'cuz I'm gonna get my dumb ass out of town and into the country. For the next two days I'll be doing nothing but sleeping and playing pachinko and possibly writing some stuff for my blog. The only time I expect to lift a finger to do any work is to make a pot of coffee in the morning or possibly to change the channel on the TV.
Hope you folks have a great weekend,

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