February 10, 2006

Multi level marketing in Japan

Money,greenbacks$, Yen, gelt, lucre, ducats, dead presidents, cabbage, dough or as Robert Anton Wilson likes to call them bio survival tickets are a main motivating force in almost everyone's life.

It's not money, but rather the lack of it that causes so much stress and trouble for people, cities, and countries alike. So until we come up with a better economic model than the one we presently subscribe to the difficulties will continue ad nauseum.

I was recently approached with a Multi level marketing scheme and told how much money I could earn. There are quite a few companies using MLM to distribute their products and some of them are very respectable and have been in operation for decades.

The distributor who talked to me was from NEWAYS. Seems like they've got a whole bunch of stuff that will not only make a person wealthy, but will extend their lives and maybe even save the planet. I know how the MLM system works from personal experience, but my wife doesn't so we had one helluva discussion about making money and business ethics.

My wife and I are business owners and are always interested in expanding our businesses and are constantly on the lookout for a good investment, but for some reason this one really rankled her.
Consider the fact that MLM businesses have produced more millionaires than any other investment opportunities. Take into account the lack of overhead and labor costs. The unimportance of keeping stock on hand and what you have is something that looks like a good deal. On the other hand there seems to something left out of the picture. Hmmmm what could it be? Oh, wait I've got it! Common sense about simple mathematics. If everything was just peachy and worked exactly the way they say it does than I wouldn't have to do anything but find TWO reliable people to sponsor, they In turn would tell two friends and so on and so on increasing exponentially until I owned a small third world country. It's a pipe dream. It's going to Vegas and doubling down 30 straight times on a dollar bet.
Every corporation understands something that these people do not and that is market saturation. There are only a finite amount of people that will purchase what you have. There also comes a point where someone will have to be a consumer and someone a retailer; we can't all be in on the deal. You also might just have to deal with people who don't want to buy your product, which is something that some marketers can't believe and have a hard time coming to terms with. There is also a problem with friendships. If your not for me than you're against me. A friendship isn't based on finances in fact it's the easiest way to end one. I don't feel like exploiting people and I don't need to pressure anyone into doing business with me especially my friends and family members. In fact I do very little advertising and rely on the expertise of my employees, partners and myself.
Expertise and experience in your field combined with a true desire to contribute to society as a whole is the only way to becoming successful. Making money alone doesn't cut it and unrestricted greed and blatant materialism is universally unappealing. There are some folks who truly believe that cold hard cash is the be all and end all to happiness. I just happen to think differently. If you find yourself adopting the mantras of the MLMers and you find that you no longer have the same friends or the same feeling of acceptance at family reunions just remember you can always take solace on your million dollar yacht.

Or as my father used to say, Fuck 'em all but six. Save them for pallbearers.

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