March 07, 2006

Back to the grindstone.

Hey, hey, hey. It's a truly beautiful morning here in Morioka. The sun is glowing and doing a job on the last vestiges of snow that remain along the narrow meandering roadsides of my adopted home away from home.
It really seems as if old man winter has finally gotten the boot.
I might feel a whole lot better about it if today were Sunday or even Monday, but of course it's not so I have to go to work today when it's gorgeous outside and was trapped indoors all weekend 'cause the weather was shitty.
Murphy and his rules messing with my existence.
I don't like to work on my day off. With the exception of throwing the laundry into the washing machine or pushing the Hoover across the floor I try to keep any and all mental and manual labor to a minimum. There's a bunch of stuff that I don't like to do

  • I don't usually work at home.
  • I don't change my socks.
  • I do not wash any dishes.
  • I will not, will not wake up early (unless forced to).
  • I do not practice yoga.
  • I cannot, cannot go window shopping downtown.
  • I do not, do not answer the phone without screening.
  • I will not come back home before 12:00.
  • I have not ever made less than a full pot of coffee.
  • I cannot, will not think about the Atkins diet.
  • I do not, do not brush my hair.
  • I cannot, cannot brush my hair.
  • I will not, do not lather and shave.
  • I do not usually take responsibility for my actions

Not here. Not there. Not anywhere. I will not be a civilized man.

I cannot do that, Man, I am.

P.S. Mom, don't worry I still brush my teeth after every meal.

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