March 22, 2006

Buy me some popcorn and Cracker jacks

The Vernal equinox, when day and night balance out and all things should be equal, was host to something that didn't come out that way.
Japan did a fine job in capturing the World Baseball Classic championship. This is the way baseball should be The issue of money and who can afford the best players is almost non-existent it's just a couple of kids playing in the sandlot.
Ichiro, one of the finest players I've seen, must be happy to finally be on a championship team. Even when your good and setting records, it's not the same if your team ain't with you. I particularly liked seeing Hank Aaron and Sadahara Oh walk out together for the first pitch. One champ asking another to start the game. It was also interesting to see the Japanese team douse each other in champagne instead of the traditional beer. I guess this makes up for doing so poorly in the Olympics. Congratulations guys!

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