March 01, 2006

I shoudda known betta

I like to read the blogs of other ex-pats living in Japan and a recent theme running through them is how the weather is starting to turn and the feeling that spring is in the air.
I myself have even started to believe that old man winter had packed up his bags and headed down the road. Knowing that you live in the coldest city on Honshu didn't seem important at the time considering that the roads were clean, I didn't need my winter coat and there was mention of a local sakura festival on the news. Looking out my window brought reality back with cold sharp snap as painful as a wet towel in a high school locker room.

Right now I'd love to get my hands on that damned ground hog and turn him into a Nabe or maybe a stir fry.
at least the kids are going to be happy. I can't wait for lessons to start. I know they'll be waiting for me to use as target practice.
Oh this is gonna be some day.....

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