March 20, 2006

If it ain't broke...

OK, I know, I'm still fooling around with the look of this page. I can't help it. I'm on the blogwagon and I can't get off. It's just like any other addiction I have. I enjoy it so I don't feel inclined to stop.
Speaking of addictions, My wife has now gotten the idea that since I have lost so much weight, I should now purify my entire being by going on a de-tox diet to eliminate the poisons from the "temple that is my body". Her words not mine!

  • No Smoking. Well many of you goody two shoes already think that smoking is disgusting, but I disagree. I'm a dragon and I was born blowin' smoke & fire. A gift from the gods. Unlike Prometheus, who had to steal it, and look what that got him.
  • No booze. OMG! How else am I going to kill all the bacteria in the raw fish that we eat. Bourbon is for medicinal purposes as well as bacchanalian ones.
  • No junk or convenience store food. OK I see the point in that. GIGO, right. But she wants to go to the extreme and have me eliminate meat from my diet. Says "fish is better for you and it tastes great too" Yeah, yeah, I get it, but I'm gonna have bacon with my eggs and that's that!
  • Do yoga with her every morning. Huh? What? Why don't you just hit me with a stick an get it over with quickly.
  • Cut down on my coffee consumption. I think it shows just how intelligent she is by not saying "cut out". We might have had a problem there.

Look at today's date once again. This is the beginning of the end. I feel a little bit like the the guy who make those insane documentaries. You know who I'm talkin about. The Mc Donalds guy, Morgan Spurlock.

I like my vices, they make me feel good. There were a lot of truly great people in history who felt the same way as I do (read about them here). So if you notice any distinct bizarre changes in my posts you can attribute them to my new lifestyle.

Jeeeeezz! I'm dying for a smoke right now!!!!

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