March 19, 2006

No time like the present.

If you think about it, there is always something you'd rather be doing than what your doing at the present. Even paradise can be boring at times.
My job allows me to talk to many different people on a daily basis, in fact when I consider it, all my jobs have been like that, so I'm constantly receiving input on what life is like on the other side of the fence.
One theme that seems to run through almost all of the discussions that I have is that many folks believe that there is something good "out there" waiting for them. The constant urge to grab the brass ring is a powerful motivator for continued success, but what about finding satisfaction with the situation that you find yourself in at the moment.
Is it possible to create a world that gives you all the things you think you deserve?
What can you do to help people see things through your eyes and vice versa?
How do you make love stay?
This question was originally proposed by Tom Robbins and although I liked his answers and even tried out some of them I still feel the desire to figure it out on my own.

I enjoy watching my cat. She's kinda dopey, totally spoiled and almost useless except for the constant feelings of love I get from her. There is something she has been able to teach me though. When your feeling bored or confused or have built up an excess of energy or stress. The best thing you can do is chase your own tail. It leaves you dizzy and satisfied and thoroughly unconcerned with the rest of life's problems.

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