April 11, 2006

A great American hero

If you can do something that changes the way an entire country thinks. If you can open the eyes of millions of people to see another way of viewing things. If you can help countless people to remove the mental shackles that bind them to unhappiness. If you can do all these things and bring beauty to our everyday lives then, you are indeed, a hero.
There are those out there who don't believe that Hugh Hefner is a person to be admired. I disagree. A man who believed in curing the countries Victorian attitudes towards sex and the female form. A man who also revealed to many men the wonderful mystery that is woman. Hugh Hefner showed contemporary man that girls are fabulous in all their shapes and colors. OK the shapes were mostly round, and the color, blond. He exalts women and to call him sexist is probably a compliment. I liked growing up with Playboy magazine. I loved learning that men and women are truly different! While I was growing up, during woman's lib era, women were always trying to convince everyone that they were the same as men and many men believed them, and still do. Ha! a blind man would be able to show you just how dumb that is.
Hugh Hefner celebrated his birthday last weekend and I'd like to wish him happy birthday and hope that he has many, many more.
Thanks Hef, thanks!

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