April 02, 2006

More fool me.

I often sit and contemplate upon the value of my life. I really want and need to know if the things I'm doing are making a difference. Trying to make all of the aspects of ones existance balance out and positive is nigh to impossible. I like to evaluate myself by breaking things down into nice neat groups. The reality is that because they are indistinct and dependant on each other, the groups are almost never nice and neat.

My Health- Everything else hinges on this point. It may not be a source of happines, but without it life is certainly miserable. I think that there are four types of health. Physical, Mental, Spiritual and Sexual. I sometimes think of the final two as actually one, a bridge to the mental and physical aspects that binds them together.

My Marriage- I'm not going there....... My wife reads this blog!

My School- It might seem odd that I've given My shop a seperate space of it's own. It's easy to explain; I have always thought of it as my child, I'm just trying to raise it. The school is a conglomeration of personalities and is influenced by every person who enters it's doors.

My Work- Although I am a teacher, I believe or like to believe that my work extends beyond the boundries of the classroom. As a part of society, I believe that we are all working together, whether we want to or not, to shape the world on many levels.

My Social life- I'd have to say that this is the one aspect of our lives where we have the most control. We are able to choose the the activities we engage in, the people we accept into our lives and the amout of time and energy that we are willing to devote to pastimes. As for me I think that I have a pretty poor social life and I've got a gazillion good reasons for it. I hate lookingt at this part of my world because it makes me look like a hermit.

This is by no means a complete list nor a deep evaluation. I'm posting a blog entry, not writing a book.

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