June 19, 2006

Getting down with a cow or two

The weekend started off well and just kept getting better.

Acroo the street from the building where my school is located is a fairly large community and tourist information center. On the wweekends, when the weather is good there are all kinds of promotional events. Last Saturday, the two guys standing on either side of me in the picture showed up.

They are a couple of local comedians called the Moo Moo brothers, who have made a name for themselves by recording a comedy song about .....yup cows. Seeing as they are from Kuzumaki it really doesn't surprise me but getting the chance to be on TV with them was fun. It wasn't easy getting their attention. There was a large crowd and their were other local personalities around. I opened the window And called out to Fuji-pon (also pictured above). Seeing a bunch of people hanging out the fifth floor window does get some notice, but it's difficult to have a conversation that way, so she called me down. I don't think that she expected me to actually come down, but that's what I did. Horsed around for a couple of minutes and joined the Andy Warhol club.

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