June 26, 2006

Getting straightened out

As far as my body is concerned, this has been a pretty awful year for me. Started with knee surgery and while I was recovering and rehabilitating my knee, the imbalance of weight caused me to screw up my back. Let me tell you, the constant pain of a herniated disc is no laughing matter. The pain has caused me to slide further out of alignment so that even walking down the street was a major effort. Compounding all this with a job that forces me to be bright and cheerful, even when I'm not, has really put a lot of stress on this poor boy.

Today out of desperation I went to a seitai 整体 clinic. This had to be one of the most painful experiences I have ever had, outside of a hospital, that is. A tiny woman, who really didn't look like the Marquis De Sade, but was definitely a disciple. Bent, prodded, twisted and manipulated every bone and muscle in my body. There were a few moments when I truly thought I was going to pass out. The pain was that intense. I also came to realize just how messed up my backbone has become. I am still far from recovery and I'm told that my hernia will never heal, but with a lot of work and determination I will be able to get back to the dojo and continue my studies.

Wish me luck,


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