June 27, 2006

Me? A busybody?

I'm fairly opinionated, but I don't Have many opportunities to express my opinions and offer advice. That's why I love the "NEXT BLOG>>>" button you find at the top of most blogger sites.
eNBee>ing from site to site lets me take a look at the people who have something to say even if it's in Portugese or swahili, neither of which I understand. I'm surprised at the amount of interesting folks out in the world. The only dissapointing aspect of leaving unsolicited comments is that you rarely get a response. When someone does respond to one of my comments I'm usually thrilled and hope that they in turn will leave their mark upon my pages.
To me that is the thrill of life: unexpectedly meeting someone and leaving a peice of yourself behind, while at the same time recieving a tidbit for yourself. Kinda makes me feel like I'm in a barroom sharing a pint with a stranger who might one day become a friend.

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