June 29, 2006

Lightning strikes twice

Maybe you have noticed that many of my recent posts have been about my back. I know, I know, reading about someone else's pain isn't very interesting unless we're talking about the suffering of a country or a large group of people or unless it is connected to some kind of love story.
Well eventhough my tale isn't remotely associated with either of those themes, you still might find it entertaining to read about
So here's how it goes.

I'm sitting in the same waiting room in the same clinic after receiving the identical treatment for the ongoing ailment that I wrote about in last week's post (what's in a name?). Every detail is almost unchanged, so I'm not gonna waste my time and yours describing it all over again. There is one difference. This time, after my therapy, there weren't many patients in the waiting room so I decided to sit right in front of the receptionist's desk. I'm sitting there for about five, maybe ten minutes or so. I'm not really certain how much time had passed 'cause I was kinda spacing out when the very same attractive girl who always handles my paperwok and takes care of my bills calls out my name. Because I was off in the twilight zone, it took me a moment longer than usual to respond. After all I had to return from the celestial plane before I could attempt any action in this reality. That lag in response time was just enough for another little old lady(actully they're all little to me) to jump up from her seat and beat me to the counter!
Huh? What? Didn't this happen before? Am I experiencing Deja Vu? Once again the recepitonist looks up from her seat and this time she's totally perplexed! I'm standing there with an idiotic smirk on my face and she's trying not to laugh while explaining to the lady that it wasn't her turn just yet. Although we didn't say anything to each other during the transaction, the silence spoke volumes. I'm actually looking forward to my next visit. I'll be sure to have my crappy phone-cam ready.

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