June 11, 2006

True grit

The wealthy do not truly understand the value of money.
Neither do the poor, with their dreams of avarice.
I'll go even further and state that those who once had it all and are now ass out, cup in hand, homeless and begging recalling the life they used to lead still don't understand the meaning of money. Only those people who have lost and have once again regained or are struggling to regain their treasure truly know the value of what they hold in their hands and hearts.

Take a person who has it all, everything they want and need. Then take it all away from them. Leave them with nothing, not even a modicum of hope. Then watch.
If they wallow in self pity or rage against the injustice of the world then they never understood the value of their lives, but If they stand tall and slap the dust off and start all over again without rancor or rant to reclaim what was once theirs, then you can say that that person truly understands life. What God did to Job was shitty, but we on the sidelines could clearly see the man's true character.

I believe that you can say this about anything, especially love.

I know a guy who loves so deeply an honestly that he both inspires me and shames me at the same time. I know a man who is sending his message out to the world with the hope that one day his words will find their way to the people he loves. I know a man who is unashamed to let his feelings out and show folks that if you love and love truly, then you can never really have it taken away from you. I Know this man and you should know him too
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