September 27, 2006

A family affair II - Siblings

I envy the only child. Yes, I know, all you folks out there who grew up without brothers or sisters are about to tell me how lucky I am. 'cause you wished you had someone to play with when you were a kid. Well so did I. And although Dr.Kevin Leman in his oversimplified and, in my opinion, poorly written book states that I was raised under situations that qualify me as an only child. My brother, M is eight years older than I am and my sister is one year younger than he is (no this is not going to be a math test) so that left me without any of the benefits and much of the bullshit.
M is an overachiever. Atlas carrying the burden of the world on his shoulders. And piling up enough resentment to fuel a revolution. A perfectionist who's surroundings fit him like a cheap second hand suit. I haven't seen M in about seventeen years so there is a chance that he might have changed, but I wouldn't bet on it. After my mom broke her leg I had to call him to let him know what was going on and spent a whole three minutes and fiftyfive seconds on the phone with him. (tha averages out to somthing like fourteen seconds a year) I told him about the situation and he let me know that he'd try to get up to NY when he got the chance.
My sister is a big hearted psycho bag of estrogen. She will be your best friend and drive you nuts at the same time. She can mangle her mother tongue so badly that even Mrs. Malaprop would cringe. She takes care of my mom and nobody has ever thanked her for it. In fact she has had to take tons of shit from both M and our uncle about the way she is dealing with the situation, while neither of them has lifted a finger to assist her in any way. I know this because I am her sounding board and counselor I attempt to keep her calm (a Herculean task) and support her, but being slightly off center myself, I don't know if my advice does any good.
Of the three of us I am probably the one who has put the most grey hairs in my sweet mothers head. While my bother strives to own the world, my sister doesn't strive for anything and I just run away to the land of Lilliput and live a demi-bacchanalian existence....
Put us in the same room and in five minutes you've got an argument. If were still there three minutes later things will probably escalate into something physical. I feel bad that the three of us don't get along and I know that my mom feels worse about it. Only time will tell if we are able to overcome our juvinile differences and act like civilized humans ....

More to come, I think.

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bbw1957 said...

"My sister is a big hearted psycho bag of estrogen"

Is that anything like Lucille Ball? Otherwise you'd better be careful when you go home to visit. Hee hee.