September 26, 2006

It's a family affair

Authors warning: this is a long post and may be broken up into several installments.
Without being consulted in any way nor permission asked I was raised in the cultural black hole known as the late 60's~ early 70's. Some of you might disagree about the lack of anything worthwhile; citing woodstock, watergate, the end of the vietnam war as well as the introduction of new technologies such as theL.E.D. & L.C.D.(light emitting diode/liquid crystal diode) used in digital watches. We also saw the advent of affordable calculators, super sonic transport, remote controls for TV, the Betamax and Atari (the first home video game).
I was too young to know about woodstock, although my sister did and tried, unsucessfully, to get to Yasgurs farm. Sure there was talk about the war and the "goddamned hippies", but I was too busy watching Kung Fu pretending to be "grasshopper"and cutting up my mom's broom into a pair of home made nunchucks a la Bruce Lee. What did I know about free love and experimenting with mind altering drugs. Lucy in the sky was just another pretty Beatles song and Puff the magic dragon really was a dragon to me then. Looking back, I think that my grade school teachers (who probably knew ALL about "the Candyman") were trying to tell us something about peace and love, but looking at the world today it seems that the messege didn't stick. Yup. I grew up with K.C. and the sunshine band. I did the Hustle and I wish I could remember it.Chevy Chase was a better President than Ford and Billy Carter was more interesting than his brother. Bruce Jenner was on my Wheaties box when I wasn't eating King Vitaman (a true misnomer) and my mornings were filled with a daily dose of Bugs bunny and Daffy duck.
The women who shaped my life either wore the Playtex 18 hour bra, "It lifts and seperates" or none at all, Gloria Steinem's choice of revolt. Nobody knew that Rock Hudson was cleaning Gomer Pyle's rifle. Archie Bunker carefully instructed us about what to think along racial lines while George Jefferson and Jimmy JJ Walker showed us just how fun black people can be.
No. I'm not confused nor ranting I'm just getting warmed up to explain about my family....
See you. Same bat time, same bat channel.

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