September 22, 2006

What the...Huh???

Air guitar Hmmmm, been there done that. Drums and other lesser instruments as well. Lip sync-well I don't indulge, but I understand it. Now the wackos down in Tokyo have taken pantomime to a new level. The nadir of Marcel Marceau's well practiced art has been attained by a band of sex starved, partnerless performers in the Shimo Kitazawa area. I wonder if they need to clean themselves up after each performance Read about the absurdity here .

1 comment:

izzy said...

I like the part where it says if you get nervous air sex is impossible. No shit... if I had to pretend to have sex by myself with an invisible friend in front of hundreds of people and it was a contest??

I'd be fucked... no pun intended...

Hey... what form of protection does one use with air sex??