September 07, 2006

A single cup of coffee

In the time it takes to brew and consume my first cup of coffee for the day way too many things go through my head.
I sit down at my computer and realize that I STILL haven't e-mailed my friends recently.
I think about the day ahead and imagine the mountain of work waiting for me.
I consider the relationship I have with my wife and wonder what the future will bring to us.
And recently I pray for my mom. I can't get back home and it's killing me. I worry about her condition. I feel a little bit helpless and futile for not being there. Instead of writing this shit, I should be in NY holding her hand and giving her support.
There's no one else to blame. I created this world for myself and I must resolve to either change it or create a better reality.
My stress meter is in the red and the last thing I should be doing is drinking coffee and banging on these keys....

1 comment:

Izzy said...

Really sorry to hear about your mom. Life is unpredictable and at times it seems as though everything starts to pile up all at the wrong time.

Take care out there...