October 14, 2006

Damn glad I'm lost in Japan

Even with all the ups and downs I've been having of late I still gotta appreciate the fact that I don't live in America anymore. No, I don't really have anything against the country per se there are so many tremendous advantages to living there, but I do find many of my fellow countrymen and women to be so incredibly boring and insipid. They have a distinct tendancy to accept opinions as facts, that leads them into starting incredibly stupid wars which have no attainable objective.
Because the negative aspects far outweigh the positive ones I have decided to abstain from any involvement in american society and politics. The peeps are going out to vote again and as far as I can tell they are still between a rock and a hard place when it comes to the prospective candidates. The place is a mess and I can't really complain 'cause I haven't cast a vote in over eight years. That's right I definitely did NOT vote for the moron Bush. The Japanese are someway in a similar situation. Their apathy towards the democratic process has left them with an inadequate leader or maybe I should say with one who is yet unproved and looking to bolster confidence in the populace and North Korea is giving him the oppurtunity. He needn't try. Nobody is watching and no one truly cares (on either side of the ocean) If we did I think that we might have turned away from professional polititions a long time ago. We have so many managers and so few statesmen and leaders that the truly important problems that we face are never confronted and the day to day troubles of the common person go unheeded and unresolved. We require help to keep our streets safe, the children educated and protected, our incomes intact and our future secure. How can we find it in our hearts to trust the folks who are running things now when all we can see is the results of their sefish greed and sophmoric judgement which has turned the world into a miasma of hate and confusion.

It weren't like this in grand pa's time.

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