October 20, 2006

Once around the block, driver

I have had an ongoing argument with a friend and student for the last six years.It never gets heated and we usually end up agreeing to disagree.
Differences of opinion are just that. I really belive that there is no room for rancor no matter what the topic might be. It might be nice if there were less duplicity and more intellect running the countries that we all live in. Too much energy is spent on hate and jingoism and far too much money is spent on armies and weapons defending the ridiculous and infantile opinions the polititions and media foist upon us.
Yes I do realize that there is a need to defend and protect, but I have never been able to understand why propagation is necessary. Riddle me this. How can America justify the condemnation of North Korea's nuclear testing and development when we have more weapons than any other country. Saddam Hussain (hope I spelled that right) was taken from his country based on a suspicion of manufacturing WMDs and supplying terrorists with weapons. The guy is an asshole and a murderer and deserves to be taken down, just as the folks who smashed the students at Tienamen square and deprived them of freedoms that we take for granted every day deserve to be removed from control ( you do remember that, don't you) But tell me what are we to do with the manufacturers of american weapons who export their good all over the world.
Those weapons are used against innocents. No one is protesting the contributions that America makes to supplying folks, who are no better than Saddam or Bin Laden (Yeah, I know, I know. We trained him.), with fireams and other various weaponry because they ain't used against us.Sorry Liberia. Maybe if you find some oil reserves in your country, we might just come to your aid.

I know it's all been said before and a lot more intelligently than I have done , but this is where my fingers went tonight and I didn't feel like censoring them.


pinky said...

You are one angry dude. But it's a truth all in all.
I also liked me no blog altho I didny say so there

izzy said...

Hey NYD!

This is one hot subject. One that I unfortunately am unable to respond to as it goes against my cardinal rule of using my political science degree for something useful...