October 22, 2006

Up, up and away...

After the disappointment of my hometown team missing the chance of getting into the world series, I was feeling a little bit more than a little depressed and I sorely needed something to take my mind off baseball and the boredom of everyday existence. There are many ways to escape from the humdrum day to day ennui that seeps into the spirit and sucks the life force from you. Many of these ways, although enjoyable are physically debilitating and oft leave one in worse shape than we started out (so much for better living through chemistry).
Today was different. The wife and I were invited to take a ride in a four passenger plane, a Piper cub, and see the city from a birds eye view.
This is something I've always wanted to do and is on the 'things I do before I die' list so I lost no opportunity in getting my ass in the cockpit.
We wanted to ride our bikes down to the local airport, but found out that my wife's battery had died since our last ride. No problem we just jumped into the van (maybe the sportscar would have been better)and got underway.
As we got closer and closer to the airport, I could feel the excitement building inside me. Maybe if you can imagine the feeling of being next in line for a roller coaster you might be able to get an inkling of what I was experiencing.

The plane was smaller than I'd expected and a helluva lot cooler. The Take off seemed to take an
incredibly long time. The ground seemed to get further away by increments of inches rather than the feet that I am used to. The ascent into the sky was tense as well as exhilarating. This was not a jumbo jet the wind bounced us and the sound of the prop straining to pull us into the sky was a growl that you felt more than heard. Once we were airborne, I was surprised at the speed that one could travel. We circled the surrounding city and went over the neighboring mountains in a relatively short time.

The pilot flew us over our apartment complex and got as close to the school as was legally possible. After touch down and many profuse thanks for the ride as well as a promise to do it again soon.I started contemplating the idea of getting a pilots license of my own. I guess that's one thing off the to do list and another thing added.


izzy said...

I think that getting you're license is a tangible goal. I would love to be able to fly!

NYD said...

Thanks Iz.
I'll take you out for a spin when I get it Yeah!

P.S. Thank you for linking me to your blog. You are one gracious gal. :)