November 24, 2006


Right about now, many of the other Bloggers here in Japanland are writing about Thanksgiving.

Mostly mentioning that the Xmas shopping season has already started.

I actually witnessed a high school choir singing Christmas carols in a shopping center yesterday. Complete with a number of supporters dressed up in various costumes. (I guess they didn't get enough of Halloween).

The Japaneese do have a thanksgiving holiday - Worker appreciation day, What we Yanks call Labor day. That was yesterday and of course I celebrated it going to work.

Although there may not be much in the way of Turkey festivities, one reason might be because outside of restaurant kitchens there are no decent ovens in this country, the Japanese go all out for celebrating the baby Jesus or at least his nemisis Santa.

I'll be posting, over the next few weeks, all of the most interesting or at least what I consider interesting aspects of Christmas. Including a special appearence from Santa, portrayed by yours truly.

See you in the digits.....

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