November 08, 2006


It happens all the time. I sit myself down to do a little surfing and to pick up some news of what's happening around me and I finally get to the blogs I read.
There are quite a few.
I have become more and impossibly entwined with vicariously expanding my world through the experiences of others. I get too much hairy reality throughout the day and taking a moment to allow someone elses thoughts, ideas, commentary or rants about their problems that they face, give me a much needed break from the ponderous doldrums that threaten my perpetual happiness.
I often get some very good ideas on how to keep the bullshit off my front porch by reading about how others have done so before me. And If I can "meet" a person who is convivial and geuinely cheerful than that makes the sparse moments I spend on the computer exceptionally worthwhile. I haven't made time to put all of the folks I read about on my link list, but I will do so after I finish writing this post.

Like now.

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